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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

The ethical ramifications of tutoring

The ethical ramifications of tutoring

Thomas Kuessner

Year 12, The Scots College

It's sad to see diligent pupils attributing their success to that of another older yet still young, likely southeast asian man. As a pure individual myself, free from the fiends, I can attest to the infectious aroma that permeates the vernacular of high school pupils. “Do you do tutoring”?, “yeah, my tutor wrote it”  “yeah, we went over this in tutoring i'll just go over my notes”. Whatever happened to the notion of the fair go?

In all of the Abrahamic religions the devotion of false idols is strictly frowned upon to adherents. Essentially, tutors are these forbidden false idols. Too often, and it's with regret I have to witness these diligent students attributing their success to tutors. These diligent students I witness working hours, in libraries, neglecting their social and family lives, co-curriculars and external responsibilities seem to think the reason they got that 90% on that maths paper was due the sole working of a tutor. Even to attribute a greater margin than 5% of responsibility is akin to  suggesting the reason Lebron James does so well is because his cooks, cooks nutritious meals.

The ultimate question: is it even worth it? The kids who go to tutoring are clearly driven, and to suggest the reason that they have suddenly improved is because of tutoring is just another example of correlation not implying causation. Your sons and daughters haven't improved because of John the maths whiz who state ranked every subject twice in year 11 and again in year 12, but because of the tangible changes in effort, workload and practice. Tutors are counterfeit academic babysitters forcing kids to do questions with them. That's all they are, if your child is unable to sit down and get work down, then fine maybe that's a fair argument, to employ a bona fide babysitter for your 17 year old child.

The saddest part of tutoring is the false facade of friendship the tutors display to desperate fiends. YOU ARE NOT THEIR FRIEND. THEY WOULD NOT BE SPENDING TIME WITH YOU IF THEY WEREN'T CHARGING EXORBITANT FEES. Simply put, this is a business, you're simply just another number, another transaction. No your tutor doesn't fancy you. No your tutor doesn't like you, you are, and will always be a pawn in their fraudulent deceptive schemes for money.

Think of the Syrian refugee, the individuals who after school have to look after their brothers and sisters, cook and clean, work part time, commute hours to school, survive the school day with little food.It's a slap in the faces for kids who go to elite schools to get extra tutelage.

The point of the senior years is to give young adults the hardships, stress and breakdowns of life to determine the winners who can survive and excel in the face of this psychological adversity. What's even the point if you can pay to erase this adversity? Adversity makes winners. As a society the misery and psychological suffering that occurs in the final two years of schooling is the greatest character shaping tool society has to offer. Survive these two years great. Excel. You're a bona fide elite member of society and deserve to be awarded with the full ride, scholarships and a prosperous future. Ultimately, even if the tutored fiends get the better marks, and get into university over less advantaged more ethical non tutored students, these kids will be underprepared for lifes future adversity.

But after all who am I to lecture about the idea of fair go's and equal opportunity. I go to a prestigious eastern suburbs private school.