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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

The Drought

The Drought

Eric Wu

Year 8, Northern Beaches Secondary College

The hot warm day,

Is too hot to withstand.

The barren landscape of the endless outback,

Contains the harsh arid conditions.

As days pass, only warm breezes blow

The scorching sun shines high in the cloudless blue sky. 

With creeks and lagoons drying up until it's bone dry,

The trees and plants beginning to die.

The soil drys up until all the moisture is out,

Only to leave a trail of cracks all over the ground

No rainfall has been seen for months and years,

Rationing of all stocks and supplies

Cows start to thump towards the ground,

As it was too hot to cope

Everything is now a loss.

Populations of cattle and sheep,

Spiral down sharply.

The remains of their carcasses,

Are scattered all over the open plain.

The boundless fields of crops, all failed to survive,

Only some, manage to make it.

Trying to make ends meet

Nothing seems to work,

Doing everything to save the station and all the herd,

All the supplies are now gone

With rain only along the coast

The condition is only getting worse

Climate change is soon coming,

What is going to happen?

Revenue begins to drop

Demands aren't enough to keep things flowing

When would this devastating period end

Hoping that everything would return to normal

Medias starts to write reports

Having all attention towards drought-affected farmers

The whole country trying to help,

The problem still won't be solved

The burden is still on their backs, 

Only a little help is on the way,

To shed light on those who are struggling.

Some setbacks may occur,

But with conditions set to become worse,

It may take ages until they could recover. 

We could only wait and see.

Hoping that everything would return to normal.


The drought in the New South Wales region is getting worse as some places haven't had any rainfalls for years. Contribution towards the Australian drought may be caused by climate change or just the harsh arid Australian summer that provides no rainfall. As there were no rainfalls for some time, the evaporation of the remaining water in lakes and rivers just continues until cracks appear. Various waterways towards inner New South Wales are almost bone dry and farms rely on these waterways to replenish the plants and animals. The cause of this long term drought is putting farmers into financial hardship and yet they have to endure the pain of losing everything as they can't do much to help. Instead of them exporting or selling as local produce, their only source of income is the remaining deposits in their savings since they can't produce anything to sell. Almost every time I turn on the TV, there are reports on the drought. Several web and funding pages have been set up by the charities so they could purchase hay bales for the struggling farmers. Although the hay bales may not look that much, just one of them could help the farmers to past their days of burden. Let us just hope that the drought passes soon and everything returns to normal, but the meantime, support them with bales.