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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist



Holly Leersen

Year 6, Scotch Oakburn College

The inspiration for my story is the environment. My name is Holly Leersen and I live in the country side, on the North East of Tasmania. My house looks directly at the Northern face of Mt Arthur which is a large mountain located beside the township of Lilydale. The summit of Mount Arthur is 1,188 meters above sea level which on a clear day reaches beyond the clouds and provides a spectacular view.

 I enjoy Mt Arthur and I have been up the mountain several times bush walking. I enjoy the beautiful scenery, trees and everything about nature. I enjoy the bucolic surroundings and I love the fresh cool crisp air and tranquillity that surrounds me. Living in this area I really enjoy watching the seasons change. The pops of colours of the flowering gums and the different smells of the native flora and fauna.  I love to hear the birds tweeting, and the smell of the beautiful fresh air, especially after it has rained.  The refreshing scent of a damp rain forest is something to remember. The Autumn and Spring seasons that bring natures beautiful butterflies, bees and birds.  I love to see and hear the bees buzzing and the birds flying high in the sky.  I enjoy watching nature relish in the warm sun.

Bees also matter to me as I am an apiarist (which means beekeeper). Bees are important to the environment because honey is an important food source to humans and animals.   Bees are very important to nature and are vital to the pollination process of flowers and native trees and shrubs.  Other animals and insects rely on bees to seek their various food sources. If we look after our environment our bees can survive and continue to forage and cross pollinate.

I love how Mt Arthur is surrounded by nature just like where I live.  Our bees can travel up to fifteen kilometres, they forage in the brown tops which are gum trees that grow near Mount Arthur.   I love that our local environment is clean and green, and I hope that it will remain that way for many generations to come. The Mount Arthur area attracts bees and other native species. This region is very suitable for a bee's life cycle and provides a variety of trees, shrubs, wild and native flowers to allow pollination for bees to collect pollen and nectar.

It is important that we look after our environment so that our bees can continue to forage for food and nectar to ensure that a life cycle of a bee continues.  Clean environments produce productive and healthy hives which make pure quality honey, which make us healthy.

It is important that we don't litter in our parks, bush and native wild life areas.  This is important because rubbish will attract introduced species such as wasps which will invade bee colonies and destroy hives.

I believe that we all need to be more aware of our surroundings and work hard to ensure that we look after nature and our environment.  The world will be a much cleaner and healthier place.