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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

Venomous Words

Venomous Words

Ella Beven

Year 6, Wandina Primary School

Venomous words pierce my tired and wimpy skin like lead bullets viciously striking frightened and weary soldiers,

A howling roar of laughter echoing like hysterical cheetahs from those I thought were kind and loyal friends,

Feeling isolated, trapped like an aggressive rotting prisoner in a stone cold jail cell, forced into darkness like being aggressively thrust into a dangerous black hole, lost in a never-ending nightmare they call fun,

Nowhere to go, no one to tell, will it ever end?

A lonely teardrop rolls down my flushed cheek like the last petal of a delicate flower finally falling off,

My heart pounding in my burning chest like large wooden drums beating continuously,

One-hundred-thousand negative thoughts busily swirling through my worrying mind like tedious cars contesting on an overcrowded highway,

No friends, no help, will it ever end?

Feeling beady eyes peering into my worn down heart like a determined eagle sneakily eyeing off its worried prey,

Let you wear me down like ancient stone steps of a decaying castle,

No longer having a titanium bulletproof shield protecting me from you,

Liars, traitors, will it ever end?

Every day a grim scene from a vivid nightmare enough to put even the bravest old men into a sudden rage of sweat and terror,

Silently walking through the busy echoing halls feeling a known sense of deliberate exclusion and painful embarrassment,

Constantly hearing quiet snickering and, feeling as excluded as a baby bear cub lost in a raging storm,

Rumours, embarrassment, will it ever end?

Many dirty secrets constantly whispered and always shared,

I strive to be included and invited to your unspeakable parties,

I want you to care about my lost and worried soul,

Anxious, tired, will it ever end?

Mean, rude jokes taken too far,

The wounding words cut deeply into my damaged skin,

Does anyone love me,

I want to go; I want it to stop, will it ever end?

Why me?

Why is this my tragic destiny?

What did I ever do to deserve this appalling treatment?

Questions, no answers, will it ever end?

Tiredly lying on the cold, wet floor of the locked bathroom,

Old shattered dreams quickly floating further from reality like white, fluffy clouds rapidly washing away in the treacherous winds,

Sorrowful memories swiftly coming back from a menacing faraway place some call hell,

Aching head, bleeding heart, it will never end.