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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

The Little Things Float Past

The Little Things Float Past

Liana Elsoufi

Year 6, Green Valley Public School

The sunset in the evening, the clouds in the day. All the little things that no one remembers because there are bigger things coming their way.

The stars glistening in the night, wishing for someone to notice them. They try to be something that people like, but they're never good enough because there are other things in the people's spotlight.

The phenomenal sunset. The splashes of purples, pinks, oranges, all blending together like a watercolour painting. It hovers over you like a blanket, bringing you warmth and joy. It brings all that happiness but gets nothing back since it seems that no one notices it.

One touch of the clear, sparkling lagoon. A moment that you should be cherishing as you will never know if it is your last. The feel of natural water creeps into your soft skin, only to be forgotten by the one it brings joy to. You witness the fresh water on your skin. Forgetting that you will never feel the same touch again.

The laughter, tears, screams of your precious child. This laughter is one of the best things that a parent can hear. The tears of your baby might break you. The screams of your child might hurt you, but it's also what you must care for most.

The soft breeze gently brushes against your face. The slow sway wraps its arms around you. You know it warms your heart but you don't care. This breeze is one of a kind. It calms you. It releases all negativity and crazy thoughts out of your mind. It will never be felt again, but it is unappreciated.

You stare up at the pitch black sky, focusing on the tiny specks from the universe bringing light into your world. The stars. They connect you with your home. Your earth. These stars will never come again. You will never feel the same connection that you did with these. You think it doesn't matter.

Each breath you take, each breath you let out. You never think of how it keeps you alive, you just brush it off and think of the bigger things in your life. To you, none of these breaths matter, until it's your last. Your last breath. When your whole life flashes before your eyes you think of how you took advantage of it. It matters.

These are all the things that the world has expected you to love most, only to be disappointed. These tiny moments are what matter to me. They might be small, but they mean the biggest in life. The little things in life matter to me.