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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

Imagination Matters

Imagination Matters

Amie Gao

Year 6, Waitara Public School

The clock seemed to tick slower every second, almost as if it were taunting me. I sat, slumped at my desk, desperately hoping that the teacher would finish the lesson, but no luck, he still droned on mercilessly, totally oblivious to the droopy-eyed students. Suddenly I was engulfed by a huge wave of light, crashing down, overwhelming me. I found myself in paradise, the bright shining sun hanging high overhead in the clear, blue sky, radiating its true brilliance. It was a whole new world...

Imagination, is the key to creativity, unleashing your thoughts from far deep within. It lets you be your true inner self, helping your soul run free from the harsh, unforgiving world. Stories, legends, and dreams, they're all parts of imagination, entertaining the future generations yet to come.

To me, imagination pulls you up from the dark, releasing you from the endless pit of self-doubt. To me, it is the bird that soars through the sky, following me everywhere I go, guiding me on the road to freedom. To me, imagination is a zephyr, carrying you away into your sweet dreams. So what is it to you?

Like a glowing ball of fizzing energy, imagination motivates people to do their very best. It shows young children that it's alright to let your creativity run free, and not everything has to be based on reality, deep in your heart is where everything you say, or do comes from. Imagination inspires people to keep on going and never give up, no matter what happens.

Have you ever wondered what you would be when you've grown up? Imagination helps you to believe, and to believe is always enough to inspire people to be anything they want, and work hard for it. Many world renowned people have become successful because of imagination, creating songs, fashion, stories, and many more.

Art, books, movies, dances, music and games have all originated from inspiration which is  an aspect of imagination. People feel influenced by the creativity of these works of art, and create more. Even traditional festivals like Chinese New Year, Holi and the Cherry Blossom festival, that are celebrated all throughout the world came from imagination.

Imagination matters, without it, the world would be in chaos, everyone and everything being the same, dull, despondent and dismal. People barely even recognisable, looking like exact replicas of the people surrounding them. If imagination didn't exist, all our unique cultures and beliefs could be gone from the world, leaving the word “Multiculturalism” a mere thought to be laughed at and drifted away on the wind. This is why imagination matters, it belongs, not just to me, but to every single person and creature on earth. Imagination matters.