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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Isabel Loh

Year 6, Abbotsleigh

Happily, Ever After:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was verbally and physically abused by her evil step- mother. Day in, day out all day, every day there was a constant pain in her heart. She longed for support and a listening ear, but help was not accessible. The pain expanded until it annihilated her. The next day, the agony was gone, but so was she.

This is the life that thousands of children all around the world experience. Every day 1 in 5 children die from child abuse. There are 6 different types of abuse, physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, digital and financial. Children who experience abuse commonly face physical and emotional torment. Victims feel empty and alone. As they grow the feeling becomes unbearable, distracting and painful. Roughly 1,600 adolescents die from the scars and pain of abuse.

What if they had help? What if those young people had a listening ear, and an open heart to share their burden? Kids Helpline focus on supporting children through this difficult journey on the road to recovery. This online support service is the only free, private and confidential 24/7 telephone and counselling service in Australia, but what about other countries?  How will those children access the support they need? Services which provide counselling and relief to victims urgently need financial support. They also need volunteers who organise activities that provide therapeutic and relieving feelings to the victims.

People must know the signs of when a child is experiencing abuse each age group show different signs. School aged children experience anxiety have a decrease in self-esteem, are withdrawn and are insecure about sharing their thoughts and ideas in front of adults. Child abuse also takes toll on a child's health causing digestive problems, difficulty sleeping and a rapid gain in weight.  If you feel that someone you know is experiencing abuse tell and adult and find help.

To abolish child abuse, we need to raise awareness starting with our community. Starting committees that promote the eradication of abuse and raising funds to provide money to charities that care and assist children. Abuse is an evil pest that torments children daily. Abuse manipulates, kills and destroys. Without help thousands more children will suffer.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was verbally and physically abused. Day in, day out, all day, every day there was a constant pain in her heart, but she knew she could get help. One sunny afternoon a listening ear and an open heart guided her to recovery. The pain was sent into a deep sleep, never to wake again. She excelled at school, the pain no longer bothering her. She enveloped herself in Sport, Drama, Maths and English. She felt free and energised. That girl graduated from university as a fully qualified counsellor and devoted herself to helping abuse victims. She met Prince Charming and had children of her own. She taught them to be compassionate to anyone.

That lady set up an organisation that strived to help all abused people no matter what. She showed endless bouts of compassion listening to all people who sought relief whether it be a child or an adult, old or young. She listened with an open heart and an open mind, and she was recognised for her compassion. She became a global icon for advocating abuse and she lived happily ever after.

Thousands of children deserve the chance to forget their past and start again. To be rescued from the clutches of abuse.  To have a happily ever after.