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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

Food matters

Food matters

Jessica Lok

Year 6, Waitara Public School

Have you ever felt a ravenous monster

Growling in the pit of your stomach?

As you sit at your desk, drowsy,

Drifting in and out of sleep.

An empty feeling invading...

Then, a sensational statement is called out

“Come out and eat! Dinner is ready!”

And cheers erupt in the previously silent abode.

The residents with beaming faces

Grinning from ear to ear.

A heavenly aroma fills the room

Drags us down the narrow staircase.

The captivating scent making the monster inside us howl

As it suffers with a craving for food;

Threatening to leap out insanely.

So unexpectedly, chairs are pulled out,

Scraping the floorboards with a violent screech.

Chatter commences, and glasses clink

When dinner initiates with a stampede

Of even more people trampling down the echoing stairs rowdily.

The children heartily gobbling up

Their homemade pasta and appetizing spaghetti with ceaseless slurps.

The adults sipping their coffee delicately,

Attempting to contain their maturity

When the feast is paraded out.

The kitchen is filled with an aromatic variety:

Dough rolling, oven ticking, trays passed around.

Wistful sighs thrown around as the chefs wish

To be crowding around the superior dining table

With all the cheerful diners.

And even after the banquets inaugurates,

Families arrive constantly, minute by minute

Hastily strolling through the wide doors to freedom

Dragging chairs to the tables as large as elephants

That had appeared while the diners were busily eating.

But then we pause, and we think

Why doesn't everyone have all this glorious food?

Why doesn't everyone have the right

To fresh food and sanitary water?

Out of the 7.7 billion people

In our vast world

Almost an entire billion

Doesn't have all the mouthwatering nutrients

That all of us desire.

What haven't they acquired

That is a necessity for all?

Well water is one of those absolutely treasured things

That simply so many don't have...

But why don't they?

Like you just read, so many people

Are starving to death as you read this poem

So many people,

Are desperate

Just for the sanitary food

That you have sitting in your home.

In arid Africa, you wouldn't believe it:

There are around 235 million people

Desperately starving, who need

The supreme breakfast, lunch and dinner

As much as you need it.

Well what about Australia? One might ask

Well in Australia, a whole fifteen percent of the population

Is facing starvation issues

So aren't you lucky

To have the delicious food

Waiting for you on your dining table

'What about populated Asia?'

In Asia, there is more than a whopping 490 million people

With rumbling stomachs

Every single day

Do you feel grateful?

And America?

One in six people go hungry each day!

Yes you read right...

One in six

In the continent of Europe,

there are approximately

118 million people going hungry each day

So think deep in your minds,

Although you're giddily chewing fresh,

Delectable dishes

In the morning, afternoon and night

There are those who aren't

So think.

About how lucky you are...