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What Matters 2019 Shortlist

What Matters 2019 Shortlist

Climate Change in 2070

Climate Change in 2070

Sophia Hemingway

Year 6, Genazzano F.C.J College

Thick black clouds of smoke are billowing in the sky. Driving past, every factory is puffing out smoke. My insides churn, and twist, I take a deep breath hoping for fresh air, but instead, thick, sticky air gets stuck in my lungs. I keep coughing and coughing not able to stop.

The sliding door opens, calling me into the deep forest of my home. Twirling around, the cpisp, yellow leaves drop onto my head. 'Crunch!' My eyes open to yellow leaves disintegrating as they fall to the grass. All around me are dying trees, as if it was just too hard to keep standing up. Memories flood back, of when daisies still grew in our garden, Mum would create daisy chains and braid them into my hair. I rush inside, a waterfall of tears rushing down my face.

Inside my house, there isn't much room, cramped in to one floor, with my family of five. Sharing a house one family to each floor, there's only so much space Melbourne has. Foreigners roam the country, Australia's everyone's home. The people have nowhere else to go, their countries are underwater.

We took a family trip to the beach, the temperature was so scaldingly hot, that we had to use extreme amounts of sunscreen! Checking that I hadn't missed a spot, I lounged under our beach umbrella, waiting for my sunscreen to set. 'Bing!' My timer! Time to hit the water.

Deep sea diving, as safe as a home. No animals to harm anyone, the heat is too strong. Down, down, down, with my snorkel and all, I dive, to where the coral reef used to be. The poor reef has been replaced with a band aid.

Back in the car, I was extremely uncomfortable, I stared at my arms, neck, legs and face. All were the colour of an over ripe, angry tomato! I stared at my family, they were all in the same boat. The climate had become too hot for sunscreen!

Back in 2020 no one cared. Climate Change was just a silly story that News Reporters talked about to cause a buzz. No one took Climate Change seriously and now we are left with a dying world. Too sick to be helped.

In 2019, while we have the chance, everybody needs to take action to stop climate change. Everyone needs to know that Climate Change matters! If we let the climate go up by 1.5 degrees, ice caps will melt and countries will go under water, food supplies will be short because crops can't grow in the heat and it will become harder to breathe because the air will be polluted with smoke. The world will keep going downhill until there is no more earth. We have one world, so we need to make a difference. What people don't understand is that as kids we care about the future, and want to make a change...

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.” Barbara Mikulski