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What Matters 2018 Finalists

What Matters 2018 Finalists

2018 What Matters? TAS Year 7/8 Runner Up


Writing matters…


Kingston High School


Have you ever written a story? Have you ever read one? I’m sure you have.

Writing is an incredible thing. An idea sparks in your head and you feel an urge to write it down. Writing gives people a chance to create a world of their own, a different reality on paper. People write things down for the sheer fun of creating something of their own, an originality that people can wonder at.

Have you ever turned the pages of a book? The character leaping out at you, the words waiting to be read. They are powered by the passion of the writer, as the author wrote into the night, never looking up as the words flow from her fingers. Being able to write gives people a chance to express themselves, to explore places they have only ever dreamed of while never leaving the room. Writing means giving joy to the people that read the story, giving them a chance to wander through the depths of your imagination, to look at your side of the story.

Imagine a child living in a city overflowing with people, with smoke filling the air, cars rolling below them and people clogging the streets. The child has been living like this their whole lives, living in a flat next to hundreds of other people, all beside each other but never making contact, living in their lives separately yet together.

The same things happen every day, over and over…

Until a book is opened.

When you open a book, you feel the pages at your fingertips. The book rustles and creaks, happy to tell you it’s story. You can see how many people have read it by the softness of the paper, the torn page hastily covered with tape, the folded tips as temporary bookmarks. The book will open for you, taking you on a journey with the world at your fingertips.

The world opens to you when a book is opened. It could be an old book, with the binding falling apart or a new book with the pages as white as snow, but the spirit still lives within the book of a writer hard at work, making life more interesting. When you open a book, it could be an adventure to save the planet, or a journey between a trio of heroes, it could even be a children’s story. The thing is, even if it was written for three-year-old kids it will still send them to sleep with dreams of adventure, friends and imagination.

Writing matters because it can trigger wonder. It can fill your mind up until it over flows with madness and fantasy. Writing matters because it means you can express yourself in a way that people can listen to, can read. Writing matters because it brings joy to the world, allowing people to live the dream just by turning a page. Writing matters because it is happiness in itself, for anyone and everyone.

Writing matters.

2018 What Matters?Jenna Beck