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What Matters 2018 Finalists

What Matters 2018 Finalists

2018 What Matters? TAS Year 5/6 Runner Up


No Creepy Ladies


Mount Nelso Primary School


And crack! The lightning crashed, exploded and shattered down around the dominant white witch and her all-powerful army, the great golden lion sat on the dull, stone table, helpless. The bent-down dwarves crept continuously closer, watching their master in utter awe. The witch raised her deadly wand and forcefully brought it down on the golden maned lion...  

She handed me the packet as we ate our treats during the half time interval. We were incredibly lucky to be taken to the fabulous play, “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” by our adoring grandparents. I love my grandparents and I think it’s very special to have grandparents who love and care for me. Family, especially through the efforts of grandparents, is where you first learn how to belong. When you feel you belong, you develop confidence and learn to care about others. When you have learned this, you become ready to branch out and make new relationships. Grandparents have a massive role in making this happen by their support and encouragement, giving experience to broaden our outlooks.

My grandparents take us to an array of amazing places. We love it. Some of our favourite times have included visiting exciting exhibits at museums, golf, Ida Bay Railway, wildlife parks and exploring caves at Chauncy Vale. I can’t list all the wonderful places and events we have visited with our grandparents! My grandparents don’t take us to these places because they have to. They do it because they want to. We enjoy spending time with them and they enjoy spending time with us; the experience is mutually beneficial. We both love, and have fun during the event and just spending time together.

People judge grandparents as fairly set stereotypes but I don’t think that’s fair. Grandparents come in different shapes and sizes but it’s what’s inside that counts. Why is it bad to be old? Why is it bad to have wrinkles? People make fun of elders for these reasons and more. They think of them as creepy old ladies or dotty old men, when this is entirely wrong. Why can’t we all be valued whatever age or features we have? If everyone changed their thoughts about grandparents, we would be spending a lot more time with them and the world would be a far better place.

Grandparents are fantastic and a huge part of my life. I have a special bond with them that I absolutely adore. They have helped me through many stages of my life and I’m sure they will continue to do so. I believe everyone should think differently about grandparents and spend as much time with them as possible. If you spend more time with them, you will have a happier life. Grandparents have a wealth of life experience that is unique to them that we can learn invaluable lessons from. Through their eyes, we can see how the world has changed.

Susan and Lucy cried as the beautiful, graceful, once-powerful lion lay stone still. Eyes staring into nothingness like a furry, stuffed animal. Though as they were walking off, they heard footsteps, they whirled around and there standing proudly was the great lion, Aslan. He walked through the dense, thick, mist, towards the astonished children. He roared. The children ran up and hugged Aslan. And that he said, is magic deeper than even the witch’s.

Beyond passing, their influence, love, values and beliefs, will always carry on in our memories. The lion will serve as a strong reminder to have courage, be kind, and to see the world through their eyes. 

2018 What Matters?Jenna Beck