Young People and Democracy

Young People Imagining a New Democracy is an ongoing project commenced by the Whitlam Institute in 2008.


UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2013: The latest stage of our research has culminated in the publication of a research paper, authored by Dr Ron Brooker:

August 2013 Update Youth Voting Intention Survey icon

This exciting research shows that young people are having a profound influence on the electoral landscape; an influence that has gone largely unrecognised.


On 23 July, 2011 the Whitlam Institute published Youth Federal Election Voting Intentions: A Statistical and Graphical Analysis of Newspoll Quarterly Data 1996-2010. This paper was authored by Dr Ron Brooker.

The Australian published an article by Eric Sidoti, Director of the Whitlam Institute which provides his analysis of the research. The full 2011 report is available to download below:

Originally, Young People Imagining a New Democracy was a collaborative project between the Whitlam Institute and the UWS Engagement, with the generous support of the Foundation for Young Australians.

Throughout it's various stages, the project has been designed and developed in collaboration with a number of organisations, in addition to the Foundation for Young Australians, that work with and for young Australians, principally:

Inspire Foundation-Act Now
Youth Action and Policy Association
NSW Commission for Children and Young People
Youth Coalition of the ACT

Three publications came out of the first phase of this project, which are all available for download:

Young People Imagining a New Democracy - Literature Review

Prepared by Philippa Collin, Policy Manager at the Inspire Foundation, August 2008

Young People Imagining a New Democracy - Focus Groups Report

Prepared by Dr Mike Horsley and Dr Debra Costley, October 2008

Putting the Politics back into politics - Discussion Paper

Prepared by Dr. James Arvanitakis and Siobhan Marren, PhD candidate, University of Western Sydney, January 2009

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