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All living things are diminished

In All living things are diminished: Breaking the national consensus on the environment, the Honourable Bob Debus AM, draws deeply from his knowledge and experience to distil a large body of historical material, policy precedent and political experience to argue that it is not only possible to seriously tackle the environmental issues that bedevil us but that our own experience over recent decades demonstrates what can be achieved.

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Fossil Fuels, Global Warming and Democracy

In Fossil Fuels, Global Warming and Democracy: A Report from a Scene of the Collision, Dr Kevin Taft offers his account of the fraught interplay between ‘fossil fuels, global warming and democracy’ in his home province of Alberta, Canada. He writes as participant in and observer of a ‘collision’ between the climate change imperatives of cutting carbon emissions and the commercial imperatives being prosecuted by the fossil fuel industry.

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Climate Change in a New Democratic Age

Dr Randal G Stewart, author of Climate Change in a New Democratic Age: Why we need more, not less, democratic participation, examines the role of three key groups in the climate change debate - scientists, economists, and the bureaucracy - as the lens through which to consider the capacity of democratic decision-making processes to establish effective climate change policy.

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Democratic Challenges in Tackling Climate Change

Democratic Challenges in Tackling Climate Change examines the urgency for Climate Change action, and the accompanying political challenges.

Professor the Hon Barry Jones AO tackles this vast issue with a remarkable distillation of the science and scientific history of climate change; a direct and vigorous exposition of the political meanderings that risk leaving Australia without any effective response; and a powerful argument for Australian initiative. Yet underlying his essay is an optimism that it is not too late, if only we choose to act.

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