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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage: Preservation, pressures and workable policy

Professor Hilary Du Cros, E. G. Whitlam Research Fellow
A lunchtime symposium delivered at the Whitlam Institute on Tuesday 19 February 2019.

Professor du Cros research presentation included a discussion of the urgent need for up-to-date national mapping of sites of historical and cultural significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Media Release: New research calls for national database of Indigenous cultural heritage sites in Australia

New research from the Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University calls for a national database of places of Indigenous historical and cultural significance following revelations that national protection for significant places for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, which were introduced during the Whitlam era, have been severely diminished under subsequent governments.

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The Reward of Public Life is Public Progress

"Let me say finally to Mr Tony Whitlam who is here this evening on behalf of the Whitlam family: please pass on to the old man my warmest affection – nay, love – and convey to him, notwithstanding that my words here tonight could not do his public service proper justice, some sense of my belief that he is Australia's greatest white elder and friend without peer of Indigenous Australians."

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The Northern Territory Intervention and Human Rights

In The Northern Territory Intervention and Human Rights: An Anthropological Perspective , social anthropologist Dr Mary Edmunds draws together the history, circumstance, culture, principles and practice surrounding the Northern Territory Intervention. It is a considered and robust examination of the tension between our human rights obligations, the imperative to act, and the way these intentions are experienced on the ground.

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