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The Role of International NGOs


The Role of International NGOs: The International Crisis Group as a Case Study

Perspectives vol 13



“What makes for an effective international non-governmental organization? And how can any NGO make a difference when it comes specifically to an area as sensitive and difficult, and traditionally the domain of sovereign states and intergovernmental organizations, as the prevention and resolution of crisis and conflict?”

Evans’ experience with the International Crisis Group informs this wide-ranging consideration of a new global environment in which “Individual states and state-centric structures no longer enjoy a monopoly over the collective efforts to improve international society and world order”.

The Role of International NGOs: The International Crisis Group as a Case Study was originally presented at The Whitlam Institute/Western Sydney University Law School Conference The Architecture of Transnational Governance: The Role of Non-State Actors on 23 October 2015.

Evans is uniquely equipped to reflect upon the role of international non-government organisations in the evolution of the more complex set of relationships and institutional arrangements that distinguish trans-national governance in this modern era.

His paper examines difficult matters that directly affect the security, freedom and livelihoods of literally millions of people, and the complexities developing against a backdrop of the devastating failures of the past and the emergence of new risks.

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