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2019 What Matters? Patron's Address

I agree with Lisa’s observation when she first became associated with the competition, that she never really bought the idea that young people aren’t interested in the big issues. We hear this again and again, young Australians homogenised into this stereotype of a disengaged, entitled teen glued to a screen – more interested in selfies than the world around them…

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Gough Whitlam, Double J and the Youth Radio Revolution

Dr Liz Giuffre has trawled the archives to give us this refreshing cut on the genesis of Double J, in a way that not only captures something of the times and the place that Double J has come to hold in the lives of many hundreds of thousands of young Australians, but also stakes a claim for Double J’s enduring significance.

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Young People Imagining a New Democracy

This paper offers valuable insights into the aspirations of young people, their experience and the changes in how they do participate in community and political life. It highlights several powerful questions; not least of which is the extent to which these emerging forms of participation influence particular decisions or the political environment more generally.

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