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Neoliberal Government and its Implications for Public Office and the Welfare State

While there is a great deal to consider in each of these papers the underlying message is the need not simply to be diligent in affirming and preserving the proven strengths of our key democratic institutions but to be looking at this time to institutional development that aligns with our expectations of an open, fair and genuinely democratic society.

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Gough Whitlam's vision of the Australian Res Publica: Creating civil possibility in rhetoric and action

Gough Whitlam was a master of rhetoric. Professor Yeatman explores the central importance of political rhetoric for creating civil possibility, for articulating and therefore continually creating institutions such as the parliament, the political party, the public sector and the federal system of government. 

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Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Public Institutions

It is well-nigh impossible to understand contemporary Australia without an appreciation of the origins of neoliberalism, its emergence as the dominant political philosophy of the last thirty years and its institutional impact. These are matters of public interest that go well beyond any one political tradition.  

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