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An Educator’s Perspective: The impacts of high stakes testing on school students and their families

This report by Dulfer, Polesel and Rice seeks the views of Australian educators regarding NAPLAN. This nationwide survey of close to 8,500 educators probes both the impact of NAPLAN on testing, pedagogy and curriculum practice as well as the more difficult (and largely ignored) question of the impact on students’ health and well-being

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The Coup that Laid the Fear of China - Gough Whitlam in Beijing, 1971

FitzGerald’s evocative telling of the story in this ‘part memoir’ captures the passions and tensions, the enthusiasms and the political daring of the adventure that it was. More than this, it elucidates its historical significance. Deep within its folds you will find more than a few pointers to the challenges confronting contemporary policy-making concerning our relationship with China.

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Politics, Independence and the National Interest: the legacy of power and how to achieve a peaceful Western Pacific

In a speech delivered to a large audience which included politicians from both sides of the House, Mr Fraser called for greater cooperation between political parties. His wide ranging address also covered issues of immigration and foreign affairs including the nation's alliance with the United States and our relationship with China.

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Young People Imagining a New Democracy

This paper offers valuable insights into the aspirations of young people, their experience and the changes in how they do participate in community and political life. It highlights several powerful questions; not least of which is the extent to which these emerging forms of participation influence particular decisions or the political environment more generally.

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