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"The Things Which Must Be Done…"


Aboriginal Incarceration: the urgent need for Aboriginal community solutions.

Perspectives vol 15

In his Whitlam Institute Perspectives Paper, the Hon Bob Debus AM explores how lessons from the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and beyond have been neglected or ignored. How our fixation on ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric contributes to skyrocketing incarceration rates, seeing funding diverted from rehabilitation and diversionary programs and instead into funding prison beds. How a comprehensive response to the issues of incarceration remains entwined with the foundational infrastructure of community support, land rights and self-determination.

It is the “practical things” that Debus focuses on. “Practical things” that we must not equate with minimal reforms, but see as the actions upon which reform is built and meaningful change is realised.

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The Hon Bob Debus AM discusses Aboriginal Incarceration rates and those things which we know can and must be done.
The Hon Bob Debus explores Self-Determination and the key role it must play in addressing Aboriginal Incarceration rates in Australia.