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Reclaiming the Public


Human Rights and Public Life vol 3

Edited by Professor Anna Yeatman

The subject of these working papers, Reclaiming the Public, goes to the very heart of the contemporary debate regarding our institutions, democratic practices and the public good. 

The four authors of these papers address the topic from different disciplines and experiences: philosophy, history, the law, political science, management practice and politics.

1. “Good Government Starts Today”: On the Death of the Public, the Triumph of Private 11 Interest, and the Loss of the Good: Jeff Malpas

2. Reclaiming the Public in Politics: Gough Whitlam and the Charter of Public 24 Enterprise: Jenny Hocking

3. The Role of the Political Party as Representative of the Public Within a Neo-liberal 39 Political System: New Zealand – A Case Study: Margaret Wilson

4. Reclaiming Formal Organization: Paul du Gay and Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth

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