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Feminism, Social Liberalism and Social Democracy in the Neo-Liberal Era


Human rights and public life working papers vol 1

In its own way, each of these essays suggests that feminism, as a practical political philosophy of civic and public import, has to be brought into relationship with social liberalism and social democracy. Each essay also suggests that the inclusiveness or universalism of social liberalism and social democracy will be flawed unless these political ideologies encompass feminist values. Other important differences between human beings (of cultural heritage, ability, age, sexuality, and gender identification) are unlikely to be factored into the civic conception of the individual if the most fundamental human difference (between men and women) does not inform the idea of equality.

1. Feminism and ‘the ethical state’: Anna Yeatman 8

2. Does equality have a future? Feminism and social democracy in the era of neoliberalism: Marian Sawer 24

3. Incorporating gender equality: Tensions and synergies in the relationship between feminism and Australian social democracy: Carol Johnson 36

4. Revisiting social liberalism and feminism in New Zealand: Jennifer Curtin 51

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