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Young People's Voices: Focus Group Report


This report on the results of 10 focus groups with young people across NSW, conducted by UWS academics Dr Mike Horsley and Dr Debra Costley, is another step in the process of exploration of young people's democratic involvement. The research, whilst modest in its ambit, provides us with some further insights into how young people are participating in the community and political life of Australia and their views on participatory and representative democracy.

It is clear from the literature review and this research that the aspirations of many young people to participate in the civic and political life of the nation are as strong as perhaps they ever were. It is critical that policy makers and governments understand how our young people imagine their democracy of the future and the part they wish to play. Our research to date has revealed some powerful unanswered questions which we intend to explore further, not least of which is the impact that young people’s contributions and engagement are having – at a local, state and national level. 

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