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Young People Imagining a New Democracy


Late in 2007, the Whitlam Institute, together with the University of Western Sydney (UWS) Office of University Engagement, embarked upon some exploratory work on the question of community engagement and political participation by younger Australians. That work is taking shape under the banner of Young People Imagining a New Democracy.

This report marks the first stage in this process of exploration. It has been authored for us by Philippa Collin, Policy Manager at the Inspire Foundation. Philippa is also nearing the completion of her PhD in this field.

We have great pleasure in commending the report to you. It not only provides a comprehensive picture of the relevant Australian and international research, it also offers some very valuable insights into the aspirations of young people, their experience and the changes in how they do participate in community and political life. It highlights several powerful questions; not least of which is the extent to which these emerging forms of participation influence particular decisions or the political environment more generally.

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