Whitlam Institute
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Margaret Whitlam Galleries


The Margaret Whitlam Galleries are located in the west wing of the Female Orphan School, home to the Whitlam Institute. They provide an inspiring public space for temporary art and exhibitions, attracting local and national exhibitions that explore elements of Australia’s social, cultural and democratic history.

The Galleries were made possible by the restoration of the west wing of the Female Orphan School through a grant from the Federal Department of Environment, Water and Heritage. The Galleries were officially named by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2012, following the passing of Margaret in March of the same year, to pay tribute to the significant contribution made by Margaret Whitlam in support of the Arts in Australia.

The Margaret Whitlam Galleries now provide a hub for the cultural and intellectual life of Western Sydney, with an ever-changing array of exhibitions mounted utilising the expertise of Western Sydney University Art Curator Monica McMahon.

Entry to the Margaret Whitlam Galleries is free, with the galleries open 10am-4pm Wednesday to Friday and 11am-4pm on the first Saturday of each month.

The former Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Emeritus Professor Janice Reid AC, said in 2012, “How fitting it is that while Gough’s Prime Ministerial Library will be nestled in the building’s East Wing, the newly-named Margaret Whitlam Galleries will take pride of place in the West Wing. Margaret, who always provided the counterpoise, the wit and the warmth, the grace, earthy intellect and the style, ensuring that the statesman never consumed the man.”

 Current exhibitions