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The Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University is a public policy institute inspired by one of Australia’s most respected Prime Ministers, Gough Whitlam. It is guided by the ‘three great aims’ of the 1972 Whitlam Program: to promote equality; to involve all Australians in the decision-making processes of our land; & to liberate their talents & uplift their horizons.

I do not for a moment believe that we should set limits on what we can achieve together, for our country, our people, our future.
— Gough Whitlam, 13 November 1972


The Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University is a dynamic public policy institute that commemorates, and is inspired by, the life and work of the Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC.

It pursues the causes he championed and is guided by the principles upon which Gough Whitlam's parliamentary career and years of service to the people of Australia were founded.


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What's happening at the Whitlam Institute? 

Join the conversation - we hold events and exhibitions throughout the year that explore and expand on our work at the Whitlam Institute.



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Guided by the legacy of Gough Whitlam, the Whitlam Institute works to ignite debate, strengthen discussion and enrich policy development in Australia.


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There are many ways to support and contribute to the work of the Whitlam Institute, and help to continue the work of Gough Whitlam.  Donate to help us increase our impact on Australian democracy, or read and share our publications, visit us and participate in events, volunteer in our historic home, the Female Orphan School.