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Support the Whitlam Institute through our Bequest Program 

You can help to keep Gough’s vision alive by contributing to the Whitlam Institute through the gift of a bequest. If you are interested in a bequest to the Whitlam Institute, please call 9685 9210 or email info@whitlam.org to request a brochure or talk with our Director.


"I grew up in a country town in the 1950’s. University access was limited to the 5% who won Commonwealth scholarships, or those who had parents who could afford to pay. I did not qualify on either account. I stumbled into a journalist cadetship on the local paper, followed by overseas travel, which I hoped would fill a hunger for learning.

Returning to Australia I discovered there had been ructions involving an extraordinary Australian called Gough Whitlam. One of the changes meant, in his words, ‘all Australians are entitled to a free tertiary education’. I took up this kind offer as a mature-age student, eventually completing a PhD.

I am overwhelmingly grateful that my life has included a stint at uni, thanks to a tall, imposing man with a well-modulated voice and a mind that saw the potential in every person. I cannot give back a tenth of what I have received but what I have will go to the people who share the Whitlam vision and work to keep it alive."

Dr Maxine Littlefield, Whitlam Institute Benefactor