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Australia in the World

Australia in the World


Advocating for a Broader Vision of Australia’s Place in the World  

At the Whitlam Institute we acknowledge the need for Australia to define its national interest abroad in a principled but realistic way, in line with our core values, proprieties and resources. Acknowledging that Austalia’s national interest lies primarily in the challenges and opportunities facing the Asia Pacific, along with its key relationships with its bilateral and regional partners. Acknowledging the need to connect to Australia’s foreign policy objectives with its domestic interest and priorities:

Our objective is to promote an engaged, curious, collaborative, compassionate, responsible and contributory Australian foreign policy. An Australian public policy dialogue that sees value in engaging with and participating in global discourse and action, including beyond our immediate region, for reasons beyond any immediate tangible direct dividend. An Australia that sees itself as part of the world, with a shared stake in the fate of humanity and the planet. We wish to promote a serious, frank and fearless public policy debate within Australia about how we determine our national interest. An Australia that knows it has something to learn from the experience of others, and feels a responsibility to share our own strengths and what we have learned in our experience with the world. That can bring together different aspects of our international engagement – diplomacy, development, humanitarian aid, scientific, cultural and artistic exchange, peace and security in a coherent way.

We invite Australians and friends of Australia who care about how Australia is perceived in the world, who know and believe in the contribution that Australia and Australians make all over the globe to join this comversation. People who want to share and learn from other Australians’ experiences in the global community, and who want to capture those experiences to help inform Australian policy, in particular its foreign and development policies.

We would be glad to partner with other organisations and individuals, here or abroad, working in this space. If you support this vision please get in touch.