Agreement between the University of Western Sydney and E.G Whitlam to establish the Whitlam Institute



The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is committed to the study of the history, characteristics and development of the Greater Western Sydney region and to the fostering of teaching, scholarship and applied research on urban regions.

The University wishes to honour the work of Mr Whitlam as parliamentary representative for the seat of Werriwa from 1952 to 1978 and as Prime Minister from 1972 to 1975 in advancing the interests of the people of Greater Western Sydney.

To accomplish this the University, in cooperation with Mr Whitlam, wishes to create a Research Institute that will focus specifically on Greater Western Sydney and the role and advancement of urban regions in the 21st century.

The University gratefully acknowledges Mr Whitlam's agreement to assist it by providing select records and papers from his private collection to create the Whitlam Prime Ministerial collection at UWS Parramatta and by facilitating access to public documents relevant to his life and leadership in the areas of health, social welfare, urban and regional development, economic growth, urban and civic ecology, population studies, education, the rights of indigenous Australians, immigration and social justice.

Purpose of this Memorandum

This Memorandum is intended to

  • establish the commitment of the University and Mr Whitlam to the creation of the Whitlam Institute for urban and regional studies (the Institute),
  • confirm the University's commitment and Mr Whitlam's agreement to the University naming the library at the University of Western Sydney's Parramatta campus the Whitlam Library,
  • set out the agreement of the parties to the University's housing and making accessible, in an environment which ensures their security and will maintain their physical integrity, such manuscripts, bound volumes, correspondence, press clippings and electronic records as Mr Whitlam donates or otherwise agrees to house at the University for the purposes of scholarly study and research,
  • demonstrates the University's intention to establish a fund raising program to support established scholars to teach and undertake research at the Institute in disciplines which are relevant to its charter,
  • note Mr Whitlam's intent to interact with scholars at the Institute and to provide academic leadership in the context of his other commitments and the University's intent to provide him with an office and such support at the Parramatta campus as are appropriate to his needs,
  • commit the University to the creation of a continuing Research chair named for Mr Whitlam and,
  • establish the University's intent to work co-operatively with the National Archives to ensure scholars working in the Institute have access, via electronic and photographic means, to materials held by the Archives. In donating those of his papers to be housed in the Institute Mr Whitlam is providing resources to facilitate: the study of his work in public life on behalf of Greater Western Sydney and like regions throughout the Commonwealth of Australia; the study of the record of his Government in urban and regional affairs; and the study of the factors shaping the historical, present and future social, economic, political and cultural environments of urban regions with a particular emphasis on social justice and human services.

Signed 20 April 2000 E.G. Whitlam, AC, QC Professor Janice Reid, AM, Sir Ian Turbott, AO, CMG, CVO


On 10 December 2003 Mr Whitlam and the University of Western Sydney extended the original agreement by a Deed of Gift in which Mr Whitlam made an immediate gift to the Whitlam Institute of all specified items held in his collection. Whilst much of the material is still used by Mr Whitlam, significant portions have already been transferred to the Institute since 2003.


As of 30 August 2015 the University of Western Sydney is now known as Western Sydney University.

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