Schools Program

Challenge your students' thinking.

Visit the Whitlam Institute in 2017.

The Education team at the Whitlam Institute design our school programs to inspire young people to think critically, and to take action on the things that matter to them. 

Our programs get young people excited about the power of big ideas and creativity, the importance of personal values and leadership, and the role of government, political and civic engagement.


Feedback on the Whitlam Institute's Education Programs

"…a perfect start for encouraging students to start thinking about issues in their lives and communities and what they can do about it" 

"I loved everything, the protest, what matters? Activity, the building, location, the exhibition centre, hands on activities, that's how our students learn."

"It fills the educational gap that is not covered in the curriculum."

"This is the best platform to give children a voice, at school we are so busy with curriculum and we can never have discussion like this, to explore what matters to children, it is good for their wellbeing and they feel that they are important and they are being heard."