Gough Whitlam Memorial Appeal established

On the occasion of the Inaugural Whitlam Institute Gough Whitlam Oration, the Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC recorded a brief message of support.     

Now I hand custodianship to the Whitlam Institute in the University of Western Sydney.

In the service of Australian Parliamentary democracy, I urge my dear friends and supporters of the Whitlam Institute:

"Maintain your enthusiasm".

Gough Whitlam

12 November 2010

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Gough Whitlam always saw the Whitlam Institute not simply as the custodian of his Prime Ministerial Library but as a source of inspiration and encouragement to those who shared his ambitions for an equal, open, tolerant and independent Australia. 

In announcing the Gough Whitlam Memorial Appeal, Professor Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Sydney expressed the Institute's appreciation to Mr Whitlam's family who have suggested that those wishing, at this time, to recognise Mr Whitlam's contribution to public life consider supporting the work of the Whitlam Institute. 


Donations to the Gough Whitlam Memorial Appeal to support the purposes of the Whitlam Institute within the University of Western Sydney can be made online.  

For inquiries call (02) 9685 9210.

Donations over $2.00 to the Whitlam Institute within the University of Western Sydney are tax deductible.  

Your valued support will assist the Institute to:

  • expand our growing program of research and policy activity
  • broaden our active public education program
  • promote scholarship on and access to Australia's democratic history
  • encourage and promote public engagement in the critical issues of our day.
  • promote access to the Whitlam Institute Prime Ministerial Collection

You can support the Whitlam Institute by donating online.

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