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What Matters? 2017 Shortlist

We are delighted to announce that the NSW and ACT shortlist for our What Matters? writing competition is in!

Read the names, schools and titles of the top entries from each age group.

2017 What Matters? Shortlist.

New Publication from the Human Right and Public Life Working Papers
New Publication from the Human Right and Public Life Working Papers

Twenty-five years on from the first release of Michael Pusey's work Economic Rationalism in Canberra, five diverse authors reflect on how economic rationalist ideas - now more commonly referred to as neoliberal ideas - have shaped policy and debate in Australia.

They explore how we got here from their varying perspectives and, just as importantly, underscore the need to re-kindle a more considered conversation on national life beyond 'economic rationalism'.

Economic Rationalism in Canberra, 25 Years On

Professor Jenny Hocking launches challenge to release the Palace Letters

What did the Queen know about Sir John Kerr's actions in Dismissing the Whitlam Government and when did the Palace know it?

While there have been a series of astonishing revelations about the Dismissal, there's still one very big missing piece in the story: What was it that transpired between Sir John Kerr and the Palace? The answer is thought to lie in the 'Palace Letters': correspondence between Sir John Kerr and the Queen in the period surrounding the Dismissal. The letters exist, held in the National Archives, and are vital to the historical record.  Professor Jenny Hocking, Whitlam Institute Distinguished Fellow, Monash University academic and Gough Whitlam's biographer has launched an unprecedented action against the National Archives of Australia to release the 'Palace letters' and unlock the truth to this missing piece in our national history.

This is certainly going to be interesting, and the Whitlam Institute will be following the case very closely. More information:

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